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QuickCrypto Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

What is the difference between the Standard and Professional/Ultimate Versions?

One of the main differences is that the Professional & Ultimate Editions will encrypt and decrypt files significantly faster. For example an 8Mb file will be encrypted in 1 second with the Ultimate/Professional Editions. The same 8Mb file will take 20 seconds using the Standard Edition. An average full CD quantity of data (650Mb) will take about 1 minute 20 seconds to encrypt with the Ultimate/Professional versions, but 27 minutes with the Standard Edition. All of these times are based on using test equipment that is relatively very low grade.

There are many other feature differences - View a full comparison table here.

What are the System Requirements?

QuickCrypto is compatible with 32 & 64 bit Microsoft® Windows™ XP, Vista™. Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. The faster your system processor and the more memory it has, the faster the encryption and decryption will be. QuickCrypto file encryption requires the same amount of free hard disk space as the size of the file that is being encrypted.

Steganography (Hide Text or a File in Picture or Sound Files) System Requirements

  1. Operating System - Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10
  2. Display - 32 bit color depth required
  3. Image Types that can be opened - .gif, .jpg or .bmp formats
  4. Saved Hidden File/Text Images - .gif, .jpg or bmp formats only
  5. Sound Types that can be opened - .wav, .mp3 formats
  6. Saved Sound Type Carrier Files - .wav, .mp3 formats only

File Steganography (Hide Files in Folders) System Requirements

  1. Hard Drive configured for NTFS (Windows Vista, 7, 8 & 10 only use NTFS)
  2. Files cannot be hidden on USB Flash Drives configured for FAT, but can be if formatted for NTFS

How do I Register and Unlock QuickCrypto?

Follow these easy instructions:

Is QuickCrypto still under development - What is the Version Release History?

QuickCrypto is no longer under active development but is still supported!

How do I Install Updates?

Simply install the new version (re-install) over the existing version of the application, to the same system location.

Note that it is usually prudent to always export a back-up of your encrypted Password Safe prior to installing any updates:

  1. (A) If you use the Password Safe, export a back-up by using the "Configure" then "Export a Backup" buttons.
  2. (B) If you have any problem accessing the Password Safe after updates (you should not need this step), import the exported Password Safe (that you created in (A) above). Use the "Configure" then "Import a Backup" buttons. Select the back-up you took in step (A).

NOTE - Registered Users usually do not have to re-register after updates (usually do for upgrades).

On what basis am I buying QuickCrypto?


What can I do if I forget my passwords?


ARCHIVE NOTE: Where do you stand with the Snowden / NSA revelations?

Keeping in mind that none of the NSA / Snowden revelations are hard fact, here’s what is thought:

(1) The NSA has worked with U.S. and foreign tech companies to introduce weaknesses into commercial encryption products, allowing backdoor access to data that users believe is secure

(2) The NSA is keen on "elliptic curve cryptography" (ECC) and the NSA has deliberately weakened an ECC-based random number generator standard called Dual_EC_DRBG that it is encouraging the computer security industry to use.

How does this relate to, or affect, users of QuickCrypto?

The first point is reasonably easy to address - Cybernescence Limited (the maker of QuickCrypto) HAS NOT been approached by the NSA or GCHQ (or any other company, agency or individual) with regard to weakening or compromising the cryptography within QuickCrypto or to introduce any kind of 'back-door' access.

The second point is more difficult to explain - but the take-away summary is that QuickCrypto DOES NOT USE elliptic curve cryptography (further detail about the Random Number Generator is below)

Please keep in mind that it seems the agencies have not cracked all encryption technologies. Edward Snowden appeared to confirm this himself "Encryption works. Properly implemented strong crypto systems are one of the few things that you can rely on," he said before warning that NSA can frequently find ways around it as a result of weak security on the computers at either end of the communication.

Can you help me with my phd, degree, cryptography challenge, home-work?

No, sorry!

Usually don't have time, as much as we might like or want to!

Where can I get further help?

Search the full online help files.

Or, please send in an online support query.