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Secure File Shredder / Wiper Software.

File Shredding, Erasing, Wiping Software Feature

  File Shredder

Files and full folder contents can be digitally shredded (permanently erased) and removed from modern NTFS and older FAT file systems, from Windows based systems with its XP, Vista or 7 operating system installed.

File Shredding, Erasing, Wiping Software Feature

  Free Space Shredder

Free Space (that may contain all or remnants of normally deleted files) can be shredded to ensure full of partial file recovery from this space is prevented. 'Slack Space' at the end of existing files can also be erased.

File Shredding, Erasing, Wiping Software Feature

  How Does It Work?

'Deleting' a file through Windows® does not remove the file data from the disk - it merely flags that the space on the disk occupied by the file can now be reused in the future.

But QuickCrypto shredding over-writes a file with random data many times before it is deleted. QuickCrypto also randomizes file date and time stamps and removes the filename as well as the file data.

File Shredding, Erasing, Wiping Software Feature

  Are Shredded Files Recoverable?

Shredded files are not recoverable, deleted files can remain on a disk until another file is created over it, and until that time it might be possible to recover some or all of the data by using QuickCrypto.

WARNING: Although shredded files are not recoverable, care must still be taken with confidential files as Windows and many software applications can make and store temporary or backup versions of files and documents!

File Shredding, Erasing, Wiping Software Feature

  Why Use File Shredding?

Use file shredding software to permanently digitally erase and wipe confidential files of any kind. Otherwise some or all of the data within the files could be retrieved after deletion compromising security.

QuickCrypto file shredding software can also be used to prevent the recovery of already deleted files - to make sure confidential files that have already been deleted cannot be recovered.

File Shredding, Erasing, Wiping Software Feature

  Is QuickCrypto Easy To Use?

Yes! One of the fundamental reasons why File Shredding software is not used as much as it could be, is that the software that achieves successful file erasure is often difficult to use.

QuickCrypto has been designed first and foremost (notwithstanding a pure 'heart' of sound cryptographical ability) to be supremely easy to use.

Download it and try it out for yourself!


How Do I Use The File Shredding Feature?

File Shredding, Erasing, Wiping Software Feature

  To Shred a File:

(1) Click the 'Shred File' or Shred Folder buttons from the main QuickCrypto console, select item(s) to shred.

(2) Right-Click a file in Windows Explorer and select 'Shred' - the file will be shredded after confirmation given.

(3) Within the CryptoExplorer, right-click a file and select 'shred'. Any file moves made in the CryptoExplorer are made securely by shredding the source file.

(4) Files that are encrypted also use the shredding capability by shredding the unencrypted file once encrypted to a new file.

QuickCrypto will shred files using the DoD 7-pass method. 

Free Space Shredding, Erasing, Wiping Software Feature

  To Shred Free Space:

(1) Open the Data Forensics module by clicking the 'Data Forensics' button.

(2) Select the 'Free Space' Shred button.

(3) Select the appropriate drive and choose free space shredding options (cross-cutting shred, slack space on undeleted files and/or MFT & small files).

(4) Click 'Shred Free Space' button and wait until the operation completes (this can take some time where there is a large amount of free space to shred).

QuickCrypto can shred the 'slack space' (the space found at the end of ordinary files that may contain remnants of other previously deleted files) if required. 


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