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QuickCrypto is a 'twelve-in-one' security software tool ....

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QuickCrypto is a "twelve-in-one" best of breed security software product. It is quick, both through its advanced computer software design which allows it to rapidly execute complex security processes, but also, perhaps even more importantly, as it is so easy to use. Cryptography and Steganography have never been more simple using this absolutely top-notch encryption and privacy tool. QuickCrypto offers easy to use strong encryption software that is designed to hide the complexities of encryption, at the same time giving you extreme ease of use, giving you encryption software you can trust. QuickCrypto allows you to secure single and multiple files, folders, sub-folders, passwords and emails, quickly and easily, and performs most operations with a single mouse click within familiar Windows-style explorer views. There are no limitations on file type, QuickCrypto encrypts every kind of file format, whether it is text, video, picture, document or audio - any type of file, on USB, floppy, thumb/flash or hard drives. QuickCrypto is easy to use and is also feature packed:.


Whether you're a business person who needs to ensure that confidential client information remains private, a sales person who needs to protect proposals and financial projections from prying eyes, or a home user who wants to keep financial records or inappropriate or confidential files hidden and secure, QuickCrypto has all the security tools that you need.

The program has all of the extras that you would expect in a professional encryption application. You can choose between Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption, the strongest regimen available today, and Blowfish encryption, a top-rated non-commercial standard. You can create self-decrypting email text messages that can be read by recipients who have the proper password, even if they don't own the QuickCrypto program.

QuickCrypto's Password Manager lets you store all of your online and application passwords in one secure place. Because it's easy to retrieve and use the userids and passwords that are needed to enter secure online sites, you'll be more likely to use different passwords for each site, making your Internet surfing more safe and secure. You can even use the program's random password generator to create long, unusual, non-intuitive passwords which are significantly more difficult for the bad guys to discover.


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