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Multi-Use Password Manager.

Password Manager Software Feature

  Password Manager

QuickCrypto's Password Manager lets you store all of your online and application passwords in one secure place.

Because it's easy to retrieve and use the userids and passwords that are needed to enter secure online sites, you'll be more likely to use different passwords for each site, making your Internet surfing more safe and secure.

The Password Manager is also fully integrated with QuickCrypto's File and Email Encryption functions. This allows the same ability - to use long, complex, secure passwords - for file and email encryption purposes.

Password Manager Software Feature

  Secure Password Generator

You can even use the program's random password generator to create long, unusual, non-intuitive passwords which are significantly more difficult for the bad guys to discover.

Passwords generated securely by QuickCrypto are impossible to guess by humans and require millions of years of computing power to 'brute force' guess by fast computers.

This enables many different secure and random passwords to be easily used and 'remembered' by keeping them secure in the Password Safe, for both web site access and email and file encryption activities.

Password Manager Software Feature

  How Does It Work?

Any updates made to the Password Manager contents are automatically encrypted and saved when you close the Password Safe (using the Password Safe Pass Phrase you have set).

The "GO" button launches the default web browser and points it to the currently selected (highlighted) item's "URL / Email" entry (if it is a web address). If the "URL/Email" entry is an email address, the default email application will be launched preparing an email to be sent to the email address specified.

Password Manager Software Feature

  Are Passwords Securely Stored?

The Password Manager contents are encrypted using the highest key strength available (448 bit) of the Blowfish encryption algorithm. The information can be decrypted and viewed only when the appropriate Password Safe Pass Phrase is entered (and/or the key file is present if that option has been set-up).

WARNING: You must remember this Pass Phrase. No one can recover this Pass Phrase or the encrypted vault information (other passwords) if you forget!

Password Manager Software Feature

  Why Use Password Manager?

The "Password Safe" allows you to securely record all Passwords, Pass Phrases, PIN numbers etc along with any associated login names (for some web sites).

The Safe can be used to record which Pass Phrase you have used to encrypt specific files or folders or the Pass Phrase associated with individual email contacts (for encrypting or decrypting email text).

Password Manager Software Feature

  Is QuickCrypto Easy To Use?

Yes! One of the fundamental reasons why Password Managers are not used as much as they could be, is that people find it difficult to use software that easily achieves secure passwords.

QuickCrypto has been designed first and foremost (notwithstanding a pure 'heart' of sound cryptographical ability) to be supremely easy to use.
Download it and try it out for yourself!


How Do I Use The Password Manager?

Password Manager Software Feature

  Save a Password:

(1) Open the Password Manager module by clicking the 'Password Safe' button

(2) Choose 'Add' button

(3) Enter password details (and click secure random password generator button for an unguessable password)

(4) Click 'OK' button and the password details will be added to the Password Safe within the Password Manager.

All password details are securely encrypted and saved when you exit from the Password Manager. 

Password Manager Software Feature

  Use a Password:

Click 'Pass Safe' button when encrypting or decrypting a file or email to retrieve passwords from the Password Manager, these are automatically used to encrypt or decrypt the file or email in use.

Or Click 'Pass Safe' button from the main QuickCrypto console.

The Password Manager 'Master Pass Phrase' is required to open decrypt and open the Password Safe.

'Key Files' can be used instead of (or as well as) a pass phrase (extended password) to lock and encrypt the password safe.


Set QuickCrypto up how you want it to work, with most useful features for you at hand.

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