QuickCrypto Encryption Software
Secure Encrypted Files and On-The-Fly Virtual Volumes
Secure Volume & File Encryption

File and folder encryption using super-strong encryption algorithms. Lock files and entire folders using passwords, key-files or both (two factor authentication). Create and use encrypted vaults - simple 'on the fly' encryption!

Powerful Easy Email Encryption
Powerful Easy Email Encryption

Easily encrypt emails and email attachments. Recipients of encrypted emails do not even need QuickCrypto to decrypt the files (though they do need to know the password!). Integrates smoothly with existing email software.

Multi-Use Password Manager
Multi-Use Password Manager

Store passwords in encrypted password categories and generate real-random passwords with the secure password generator. Keep all online/offline passwords in one safe place and export these into portable encrypted archives.

Secure File Shredder
Secure File Shredder

Files that are deleted using Windows and normal software are not securely deleted. Secure file erasure is achieved with the included file shredder (DoD 5220.22-M compliant) to wipe and destroy files, folders beyond recovery.


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Employ Steganography

Hide files on your system so only you can recover and use them.

Also conceal sensitive data (text and files of any type) into innocent 'carrier' files: JPEG, GIF, BMP, MP3 and WAV. Easily blend encrypted files and messages into many other files.

steganography software
Recover Deleted Files

Accidentally 'permanently' deleted a file?

Often deleted files that that aren't securely shredded before deletion (e.g. those emptied from the recycle-bin) can be recovered from NTFS and FAT drives (this covers most systems).

Digital Data Forensics

Use QuickCrypto to inspect and remove PC system audit files, including recently accessed files, page files, flash cookies, temporary files.

Inspect deleted files, including file names. Erase free space including 'slack space' on live files

TFA Two-Factor Authentication

Encryption can require a password and a token created from any file on a removal USB drive.

This ensures that decryption can only take place when a person both knows the password and also has the secure token/key file on a dongle or USB drive.

FIPS & NIST Compliant

QuickCrypto employs the AES standard as described by FIPS PUB 197.

The random number generator generates cryptographically secure random numbers to the strict NIST SP800-90 standard (FIPS PUB 140-2).

System Cleaner

Over time PC systems acquire many temporary internet and installation files that are left behind serving little purpose.

Some temporary files and deleted files can also betray confidential information. QuickCrypto can 'clean' and remove these digital remnants.

System Cleaner Summary
Crypto Explorer

The CryptoExplorer ™ function provides a secure alternative to Windows ® Explorer and enables 'at a glance' knowledge of encrypted and QuickCrypto hidden files (not simple attribute hiding - files are removed from the standard files system and are not normally viewable).

Password Testing / Recovery

'Brute force' password cracking (repeatedly trying millions of different passwords until the correct one is found) is the only method open to decrypting a file.

Brute Force Password Testing

QuickCrypto provides such a facility to enable you to check and test your chosen passwords.

System Monitor

QuickCrypto can monitor your system for potential security flaws that may compromise your cryptographic security.

New start-up programs, spawned processes, installed programs, critical system files, scheduled tasks, file associations and more can be monitored.

System Monitoring Alerts
Easy TrueCrypt Migration

QuickCrypto can open TrueCrypt Volumes (assuming you know the relevant password)!

Opening True Crypt Volumes
Some of the companies using QuickCrypto ...
Hewlett-Packard (HP), U.K.
Murray State University, U.S.A.
News Radio WIOD, U.S.A.

Free iPhone Email Encryption App

The free QuickCrypto iPhone 4 email encryption web app is available now!

Secure Email Encryption App for iPhone4

The Free Web App Works On iPads Too!

The QuickCrypto iPhone email encryption app is simple to use. Just type in the email message text, choose and enter a password and tap 'Encrypt Text'.

Then simply tap the 'Send Email' button and an email will be prepared and ready to send to any of your email contacts using the built in iPhone 4 mail app and contact center.

To decrypt an encrypted email, just click the link on the email and the QuickCrypto iPhone email app will load with message ready for decryption. Entering the correct password then reveals the secret message.

Free Email Encryption App for iPhone4If you want this web app, you can put it front and center on your Home screen. Just open the web app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, tap the 'plus sign' (or as left on new iOS), and then tap “Add to Home Screen.” An icon will be added to your Home Screen automatically for easy, one-tap access.