QuickCrypto Privacy and Encryption Software

Privacy & Encryption

Encryption software that will hide and encrypt files, email, passwords and hide secret text or files in pictures or sounds. QuickCrypto also recovers or prevents recovery of deleted files and will analyze and securely remove internet browsing traces.


Powerful & Fast

QuickCrypto is advanced Windows based privacy and encryption software. It uses the most powerful algorithms and techniques to ensure your email communication, passwords, all confidential files and information are kept completely secure.


File Encryption

QuickCrypto file encryption prevents anyone using a file, seeing what it contains or even understanding what type of file it is (filenames can be changed when encrypting, but the original filename can be restored on decryption if required).


Email Encryption

Your personal and work related emails can sit on hundreds of servers around the globe, as well as on your PC, for anyone to see. Corporate internal and external emails are tracked and recorded (on non repudiation media) for at least three years.


Password Manager

The Password Safe will keep all of your Passwords, Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) and Pass Phrases secure. Logging in to online password protected sites is made easier and you only have to remember one password to 'remember' them all!


Recover Deleted Files

Deleting files doesn't erase the information; use QuickCrypto to recover accidentally deleted files and see for yourself! Only securely shredded/wiped files can be considered to be gone for good and this QuickCrypto also allows you to do.


Permanently Erase Files

QuickCrypto provides a digital file "shredder" or "eraser wiper" that securely removes files by overwriting the data on disk prior to deleting the file - a Department of Defense Standard secure erasing (digitally shredding) of files.


Erase Deleted Files

Already deleted confidential files and need to make sure they are gone for good? QuickCrypto can search for and analyse already deleted files, then permanently erase these by digitally shredding the deleted file information.


Conceal Information

Have you confidential or inappropriate files on your system only you need to be aware of? Using QuickCrypto you can quickly and easily remove the files from the normal file system so that they do not appear on the system to any normal software.


Data Steganography

Hide text messages and/or files (either can be encrypted first) within a picture image or sound file. Only other QuickCrypto users can access the information. Every one else will just see an ordinary picture or hear the sounds normally.


Internet Browsing Privacy

Internet browsers are fantastic, but they can leave an awful lot of information behind. Windows also retains lots of audit/tracking files that aren't deleted as you may think. Use QuickCrypto to view and permanently remove these tracks.


Friend or Foe?

Friend or Foe? Hackers, Crackers, Corporate Spies, Government Agents, Inquisitive Colleagues or Curious Friends. Keep everyone completely locked out of your email communication and confidential data files, until YOU say it's OK!


Windows Integration

Right-click integration with Windows Explorer makes QuickCrypto the easiest way to encrypt, decrypt, shred and hide files. Don't worry about having to set-up encrypted vaults and dragging and dropping - simply right-click and select encrypt!


Crypto Explorer

A Windows explorer replacement for enhanced data security. See in an instant which files are encrypted and/or hidden and use the familiar interface to securely move, delete, hide, un-hide, encrypt/decrypt files, folders with a few clicks.


Money Back Guarantee

The best way to see how easy QuickCrypto is to use and how hidden and secure it will keep your data files, is to try it out yourself. We are so confident that you will find it well worth the money we offer a full 30 day money back guarantee.


Try Before You Buy

QuickCrypto is usually only available via immediate download. If you require a CD, please drop us an email, however an extra fee will be charged. The software you can download now is exactly the same as any provided on a back-up CD.


Encryption & Privacy Software.  For Home & Business Use ...

File Encryption Software

  Secure Volume & File Encryption

File and folder encryption using super-strong encryption algorithms. Lock files and entire folders using passwords, key-files or both (two factor authentication). Create and use encrypted vaults - simple 'on the fly' encryption!

Email Encryption Software

  Powerful Easy Email Encryption

Easily encrypt emails and email attachments. Recipients of encrypted emails do not even need QuickCrypto to decrypt the files (though they do need to know the password!). Integrates smoothly with existing email software.

Secure File Hide With Steganography

  Steganography, Hide Files

Hide files on your system so only you can recover and use them. Also conceal sensitive data (text and files of any type) into innocent 'carrier' files: JPEG, GIF, BMP, MP3 and WAV. Easily blend encrypted files and messages into many other files.

Powerful Password Manager

  Multi-Use Password Manager

Store passwords in encrypted password categories and generate real-random passwords with the secure password generator. Keep all online/offline passwords in one safe place and export these into portable encrypted archives.

Recover Deleted Files

  Recover Deleted Files

Accidentally 'permanently' deleted a file? Often deleted files that that aren't securely shredded before deletion (e.g. those emptied from the recycle-bin) can be recovered from NTFS and FAT drives (this covers most systems).

Securely Shred Files and Deleted Files

  Secure File Shredder

Files that are deleted using Windows and normal software are not securely deleted. Secure file erasure is achieved with the included file shredder (DoD 5220.22-M compliant) to wipe and destroy files, folders beyond recovery.

Business Woman At Home Shocked As She Realises She Has Sent Confidential Information to Wrong Person Data Loss doesn't only happen with misplaced USBs, even sending an unencrypted email with confidential or personal information risks personal identity theft and corporate fines.

QuickCrypto can prevent this by encrypting email messages and attachments. Lock out the bad guys and prevent data loss accidents.
Newspaper Headline Showing Hackers Stealing Information Hackers have an easy job if you use simple (and even worse - the same) password for online activity and keep your data unencrypted.

The QuickCrypto Password Manager creates strong, secure passwords and keeps them for you in an encrypted Password Safe that you can take with you on a USB Stick!
Lost USB Memory Stick So Data Lost And System Hacked Concept USB Memory Sticks are useful, fast and can contain a lot of data. They are used at home, at work and make transporting data very easy.

This flexibility turns nasty if you lose the USB stick. Then data is lost - identity theft, hacking, password loss can all follow with serious personal, financial and corporate regulatory outcomes.
Woman Upset As She Has Deleted Some Files By Accident Have you accidentally deleted important files?

With QuickCrypto already installed you can attempt to recover deleted files and those removed from the recycle bin.

More care needs to be taken if you do not already have QuickCrypto installed (as installation of software may overwrite deleted file data).
Business People Working Away From Home With Unencrypted Data on Their Laptop Working out of the office, hot desking at the coffee shop, or on a sales trip? It brings its rewards but also its data dangers.

Don't let that confidential proposal slip into the wrong hands, use QuickCrypto to easily protect your most confidential information and leave everything else as you currently know it.
Concept Of A PC Under Digital Forensic Investigation PCs track and record a mass of user activity.

Think clearing down your browser history removes this? It doesn't.

Think you have deleted a file so it can't be seen again? It can be.

QuickCrypto has advanced recovery options to view and erase this data.

Two Women Shocked At What They Find On A Shared PC Laptop Is your PC shared at home? Do you keep restricted movies, information or pictures on the jointly used machine?

Do you want to risk offending others and potential embarrassment?

QuickCrypto can easily encrypt, and also hide these files (remove from the normal file system).

further benefits See all benefits & features...

Digital Data Forensics

  Digital Data Forensics

Use QuickCrypto to inspect and remove PC system audit files, including recently accessed files, page files, flash cookies, temporary files. Inspect deleted files, including file names. Erase free space including 'slack space' on live files

Internet Privacy

  Internet Privacy

Deleting internet browser history does not permanently remove traces. QuickCrypto can analyse 'index.dat' files, temporary internet files, IE, Chrome and Firefox cookie and history files and can permanently erase these if desired.

TFA Two-Factor Authentication

  Two-Factor Authentication

Encryption can require a password and a token created from any file on a removal USB drive. This ensures that decryption can only take place when a person both knows the password and also has the secure token/key file on a dongle or USB drive.

FIPS NIST Compliant Algorithms

  FIPS & NIST Compliant

QuickCrypto employs the AES standard as described by FIPS PUB 197. The random number generator generates cryptographically secure random numbers to the strict NIST SP800-90 standard (FIPS PUB 140-2).

and more benefits See all benefits & features...

System Cleaner

  System Cleaner

Over time PC systems acquire many temporary internet and installation files that are left behind serving little purpose. Some temporary files and deleted files can also betray confidential information. QuickCrypto can 'clean' and remove these digital remnants.

Crypto Explorer

  Crypto Explorer

The CryptoExplorer ™ function provides a secure alternative to Windows ® Explorer and enables 'at a glance' knowledge of encrypted and QuickCrypto hidden files (not simple attribute hiding - files are removed from the standard files system and are not normally viewable).

Brute Force Password Testing

  Password Testing / Recovery

'Brute force' password cracking (repeatedly trying millions of different passwords until the correct one is found) is the only method open to decrypting a file. QuickCrypto provides such a facility to enable you to check and test your chosen passwords.

System Monitoring

  System Monitor

 QuickCrypto can monitor your system for potential security flaws that may compromise your cryptographic security. New start-up programs, spawned processes, installed programs, critical system files, scheduled tasks, file associations and more can be monitored.

Free iPhone 4 Email Encryption App Click to load to iPhone ...

Secure Email Encryption App for iPhone4 The free QuickCrypto iPhone 4 email encryption web app is available now!

The QuickCrypto iPhone4 email encryption app is simple to use. Just type in the email message text, choose and enter a password and tap 'Encrypt Text'.

Then simply tap the 'Send Email' button and an email will be prepared and ready to send to any of your email contacts using the built in iPhone 4 mail app and contact center.

To decrypt an encrypted email, just click the link on the email and the QuickCrypto iPhone 4 email app will load with message ready for decryption. Entering the correct password then reveals the secret message.

Free Email Encryption App for iPhone4If you want this web app, you can put it front and center on your Home screen. Just open the web app on your iPhone or iPod touch, tap the 'plus sign' (or as left on new iOS), and then tap “Add to Home Screen.” An icon will be added to your Home Screen automatically for easy, one-tap access.

Comments - Customers

Windows Based Encryption Software


Encryption Privacy Software for Windows Vista XP 7

Hewlett-Packard (HP), U.K.



Murray State University, U.S.A.


Murray State University

Murray State University, U.S.A.


We have developed our first lab with QuickCrypto and we've used it so far with several different groups of high schools. We have gotten nothing but RAVE reviews from the high school teachers. The kids really love your software.

Information Security Network, Europe


Information Security

Yorkshire Energy Services, U.K.


Yorkshire Energy Services



"Your product is excellent."

"I am particularly enjoying its easy-to-use interface, as well as the wide variety of encryption features it has."

Philadelphia Insurance, U.S.A.


Philadelphia Insurance

John S., United Kingdom


"I am very impressed with the program, which has recovered files allegedly shredded with [another product] over the past two years on my XP machine."

Hotse - News Radio WIOD, U.S.A.



Thomas O. Y., United Kingdom


"I am testing this program for a large group of people who need just what this tool is providing."

Desktop Security Software


"Employs the Advanced Encryption Standard"

DSS Reviews

David Overton, Australia


"ARE YOU KIDDING! A great collection of encryption stuff, so easy to use compared to all the other downloads I've tried. Seriously, I just set it up as recommended and I was away. I'm so pleased I actually understand how to use this one ..."

Jan Stewart, Desktop Security Software


"We thought it was great! The file encryption was the most straight-forward we've seen and very quick ... QuickCrypto indeed."

Free Steganography Software


Free Steganography Software

Janet E., U.S.A.


"Yours is the only one that is inexpensive that works fast."

"I found one that is free but I never got it to finish because it was taking so long that I would give up on it ..."

Richard L., Australia


"Thank you very much indeed for persevering with contacting me and for your most generous offer."

"I intend to recommend your product to our Photographic Society"

Josh R., U.S.A.


"Thank you kindly for your prompt response to my inquiry. I appreciate it greatly and wanted to take the time to tell you how much I like your software."

"It is the best product of its kind that I have ever used."

Advanced Encryption

Employs Advanced Encryption Standard AES

Employs the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Blowfish and Triple DES software encryption algorithms for total security.

Click here for updates on the "NSA Crypto Revelations" and how these relate to QuickCrypto

Ruined Reputation

Companies are being fined hundreds of thousands for data security breaches. Don't risk these penal indictments, encrypt your confidential data in transit and at rest.

Don't allow just anyone to see all of your files stored on your home PC or laptop. This risks huge embarrassment if inappropriate information is revealed and puts your financial and personal privacy at risk.

Lock your information security down and protect your reputation using QuickCrypto.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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