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Using The QuickCrypto Password Safe

Using The QuickCrypto Password Safe

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Using The QuickCrypto Password Safe

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The QuickCrypto Password Safe Features

These topics describe most of QuickCrypto's Password Safe features that are available to you.

Depending on how complex your encryption and decryption requirements, you may use all of, or only some of the features provided.

QuickCrypto's Password Manager lets you store all of your online and application passwords in one secure place.

Because it's easy to retrieve and use the user ids and passwords that are needed to enter secure online sites, you'll be more likely to use different passwords for each site, making your Internet surfing more safe and secure.

The Password Manager is also fully integrated with QuickCrypto's File and Email Encryption functions. This allows the same ability - to use long, complex, secure passwords - for file and email encryption purposes.

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You MUST remember the Pass Phrase (the secret key) used to encrypt your Password Safe. If you forget, successful decryption is impossible and the stored passwords are not recoverable.