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Integrated Password Safe

Integrated Password Safe

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Integrated Password Safe

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The Password Safe can be opened any time a Password is required to be entered (for encryption or decryption), either for files or text.

This enables many different secure and random passwords or pass phrase to be easily used and 'remembered' by keeping them secure in the Password Safe.

The Password Safe can be also used of course for any passwords, and is particularly useful for holding login and password details for on-line web or ftp sites. Or anywhere a password is needed for PC use.

When encrypting a file (or text) using a pass phrase the following screen will be displayed:




The 'Open Safe' button will open the Password Safe (of course you must know the Password Safe pass phrase and/or have the Password Safe 'key file' if required')

Once the Safe is opened selecting any of the items and pressing the (copy) 'Password' button will close the Password Safe and place the associated pass phrase into both of the required areas in the screen above.

Or a new pass phrase can be set-up within the Password Safe (using the 'Add' button). In this way many long random passwords can be used for separate folders, files or emails (e.g. have a different password for every person you send encrypted email text to). Simply click the 'Password' button once the new password has been set-up within the safe and the new password will be used as above.

The Password Safe is also very useful for online web sites where login and passwords are required. Store these details in the Safe and easily go to the websites (press the 'Go button) and copy and paste the required login and password details into the website.

Because it's easy to retrieve and use the user ids and passwords that are needed to enter secure online sites, you'll be more likely to use different passwords for each site, making your Internet surfing more safe and secure. You can even use the program's random password generator to create long, unusual, non-intuitive passwords which are significantly more difficult for the bad guys to discover!