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Enable Sound Effects

Enable Sound Effects

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Enable Sound Effects

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The “Sound Effects” can be turned on or off by clicking the "Options>Enable Sound Effects" menu item.


The sound effects are mostly of use to help alert when encryption or decryption activities are complete. Some are just for fun!


All sound effects can be changed by replacing the ".wav" files held in the installation directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\Quick Crypto\) for sounds that you prefer:


QCStart.wav - is the sound used on launching of QuickCrypto.

QCClose.wav - used on shutting down QuickCrypto.

QCEC.wav - on completion of file encryption.

QCDC.wav - end of file decryption.

QCETC.wav - text encryption complete.

QCDTC.wav - text decryption complete.

QCError.wav - self testing error found.

QCTest.wav - self testing normal operation.

QCSC.wav - shredding task complete.


If you delete any of the files it will not affect operation except there will be no sound for that task (in this way you can keep some sound effects but remove those you do not want).